2nd Annual Showcase Nov. 2-4, 2017 — Exhibitors: Register Online
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Freight Information

DeLand Municipal Airport will handle all incoming and outgoing freight for the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase.
Freight will be accepted, stored inside, and delivered to Exhibitors Booths for the DeLand Showcase.
The Freight Handling Form must be faxed or emailed to Beverly Lewis:


Freight Form – Incoming to Showcase
Freight Form – Outgoing from Showcase

Phone Number: (386) 740-5808
Fax Number: (386) 740-5812
Email: lewisb@deland.org

Please schedule all freight to arrive on or after October 23, 2017.
All incoming freight must be marked with Exhibitor Company Name, Booth Number, and Cell Phone Number.
Your freight will be delivered to your Exhibit Booth on Wednesday morning, Set Up Day.

Freight Arriving to DeLand Showcase

Freight arriving for the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase must be shipped to the following address and labeled with your complete company information.

Ship/Mail To:
DeLand Municipal Airport
1777 Langley Avenue
DeLand, FL 32724
(386) 740-5808

Shipment MUST be Labeled:
– Your Company Name
– Your Showcase Booth Number
– Your Company On-Site Contact at Showcase
– Your Company On-Site Contact Cell Phone Number

Late freight and packages will be received and delivered during DeLand Showcase.

Freight Returning from DeLand Showcase

Returning freight to be picked up and shipped out after Showcase, please contact Beverly with DeLand Municipal Airport during Showcase to make pick up arrangements.  Be sure all freight is properly packaged and labeled.  You must turn in your completed Bill of Landing to Beverly at the DeLand Municipal Airport Office.  All freight must have arrangements for pick up on Monday, November 6, 2017.  Should arrangements not be made, DeLand Municipal Airport will arrange for pick up and all freight will be sent out COD on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


The minimum handling fee is $10.00 per box up to 33 lbs. Freight weighing more than 33 lbs will be billed at $30.00 per 100 lbs up to 500 lbs plus $20.00 per 100 lbs for any additional freight over 500 lbs. These fees include:  unload incoming freight, deliver the freight to your Exhibit Booth the morning of Set Up Day, pick up outgoing freight from your Exhibit Booth, and load outgoing freight following the Showcase.

Questions? Call DeLand Municipal Airport and ask for Beverly at (386) 740-5808 or email Beverly at lewisb@deland.org.