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JMB Aircraft Partners with Showcase 2016

jmb-vl-3 jmblogo-800

The DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase is pleased to welcome JMB Aircraft, manufacturers of the VL-3 Evolution, as a Partner to the 1st annual Showcase.

With more than 25 years of experience in the flying business, JMB Aircraft redefines experimental aircraft with its VL-3 Evolution. Its Belgian owners, Jean-Marie and Jean-Baptiste Guisset, acquired the design from Vanessa Air and have applied the highest quality standards in both development and production of the aircraft through the use of certified parts and top-quality carbon fiber/composite materials.

The VL-3 is a sporty, safe, and reliable touring experimental aircraft, with more than 250 models sold in Europe in recent years. The low-wing aircraft features side-by-side seating and is one of the fastest aircraft in its category. The VL-3C–1 model is built to the United States’ light-sport aircraft requirements.

JMB Aircraft is currently expanding its production facilities in Chocen, Czech Republic, to produce 50 aircraft per year, thereby supporting a wider sales network in Europe and the U.S.

Learn more about JMB Aircraft at www.jmbaircraft.com.